Communicating Trust

PPR Hamburg is a full-service PR and communications company. We communicate relevant information, build trust and create added value with the communication forms that best fit your desired audience. PPR Hamburg began with a focus on the dominant segment of media relations and has gained experience in more fields to meet our clients’ needs. These include public affairs, moving images, and social media. Regardless of the format, high-quality consultation is our strong suit, from communicating a new product launch to reputation management and everything in between. We can even help you during a crisis.

We communicate trust. Trust us and call us now: +49 (0) 40 / 32 80 89 80.

About us

We enjoy growing with our clients and learning more about the managers we support, while working with them. We love communicating values that build trust. PPR Hamburg’s PR consultants are specialists in communication consulting and management. We are excellent project heads who possess mastery of the tools of a modern PR workbench. With academic backgrounds and in-depth experience in public relations, public affairs, moving images, and social media, our greatest pride is conveying valuable information.


Founded in 2003 by Rafael Robert Pilsczek, PPR Hamburg has developed into one of the most sought-after PR and communications agencies of the German Mittelstand. Today, PPR Hamburg is one of the most long-standing and trustworthy PR agencies in Northern Germany. The company adheres to the values and responsibilities of the DPRG, Deutsche Public Relations Gesellschaft e.V. (German Public Relations Association).


Academic Board of Advisors

Since 2007, PPR Hamburg has been gathering expert knowledge from its own academic board of advisors. PPR Hamburg regularly meets with the board to gain insight on different topics, current developments and trends in the areas of communication strategy. Dr. Werner Marnette, the former science, economic, and transportation minister of the German state of Schleswig-Holstein is among our advisor board members. They are all strong supporters of PPR Hamburg’s development and help us provide innovative work to our clients.


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