Welcome to the world of PPR Hamburg

People who are enthusiastic can inspire people. That is why PPR Hamburg is made of experts who strive to make their clients more successful. We are well-trained PR consultants, public affairs consultants, and management experts. We work efficiently in the fields of marketing, social media, and moving images, as well as crisis PR. The core team works at our offices in southern Hamburg and functions as the operational backbone for numerous clients from different industries and in different sizes. In addition, there is a network of employees in Germany, partners in almost all western countries, and a reliable business network.

Founder & Owner

Trained by the best editors-in-chief and many other top performers of German journalism, Rafael Robert Pilsczek was already acknowledged in various journalistic fields at a young age. During his first years as an independent consultant, the owner of PPR Hamburg acquired all the prerequisites of a talented PR consultant. He won clients who trusted him and developed the top products of a PR workbench in his daily routine. His guiding principles created a strong foundation and continue to support the future growth of his renowned company today.


Every team member of PPR Hamburg has to complete an internal multi-level training program. While the team focuses on our clients and works with full commitment to make them more successful, every employee pays close attention to the values of fairness, transparency, and loyalty. These values are demonstrated to the clients and practiced among our team members as well.

Partners & Friends

PPR Hamburg's network encompasses international PR contacts and international communications professionals. It has grown significantly and sustainably in only a few years. We have grown partnerships with managers from different countries, branches, and organizations since 2005. Having partners and friends in Germany and abroad is a great help in these modern times. With our network, PPR Hamburg has been able to suggest valuable contacts to our clients during their internationalization process. As an agency, we offer the most effective products and valuable contacts.

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