Communication Products to strengthen your Message and your Company

Our goals are your goals, namely to increase sales and to be effective. With our clients, we set up concepts for strategic communication that increase awareness and positive public perception. With our clients’ challenges always in mind, the products of PPR Hamburg meet all the requirements of today's communication demands. Our steps and tasks have already been successful in operational business and are, thus, tried and tested.  Feel free to call us and find out what we can do for you.

Press and Media Relations

The effectiveness of advertisement is decreasing, and the need to be portrayed accurately by the media is more important than ever. PPR Hamburg's traditional core competency is to boost the brand value through written media coverage. PPR Hamburg understands top journalism, as well as mass media and regional and trade publications.  Media campaigns, press relations, professional articles, interviews and news room support are some of the products that PPR Hamburg offers while working successfully with German and international media outlets. You will see results from coverage in the media, online, print, TV, and radio.

Crisis Communication

When there is a crisis in the communication process, PPR Hamburg's PR consultants lessen it on the spot – anytime, anywhere. We offer expert know-how, develop strategic concepts, and we provide support for managers when they have to go through a tough phase. Today, a crisis can have a negative effect on a brand, a product or even the manager directly very rapidly, this is why we also do preventative work and prepare our clients with how to handle a communication crisis. Because of the complex demands of today's communication, it is advisable for managers to have a trusted PR consultant on their side. We are a loyal partner for managers in difficult situations.

Social & Business Media online

Since 2005, PPR Hamburg has taken social and business media very seriously in the digital world. Today, we offer relevant consultation and very effective social media products. We are experienced in Facebook and LinkedIn, Xing, Instagram, and Google+. In addition, we manage our clients' accounts in these business networks online. Considering that social networks often develop a dynamic life of their own, PPR Hamburg uses the written language accurately and clearly to deliver effective information-driven and fact-oriented communication. We are your experienced and trustworthy social media managers and are experts on this field.

Online PR

PPR Hamburg has implemented effective and budget-friendly products, which help companies, brands, and people build a trustworthy presence online – without enormous costs for online advertisements. The internet never forgets, so consistency and professionalism are two values that are very important when it comes to online PR. While online articles are the core product, there are many strategies we use to get you noticed by online users in the best way possible. Our clients’ SEO processes, keyword analysis, and strategic plans are always up to date here at PPR Hamburg.

Reputation Management

Our reputation management products always focus on being sales-supportive. We work in the fields of speeches, professional articles, and other top products to boost the value of your individual brand. Additionally, we help you attract stakeholders and support you in being more widely recognized. If you choose to improve your reputation with the meaningful communication of PPR Hamburg, clients and new partners will reach out to you.

Consultants/Coaches for Managers

Whether it be a presentation, speaking in complex meetings with employees and colleagues or seminars that require you to present your expertise on a particular topic, PPR Hamburg is at your side with dedication and expert knowledge about today’s communication strategies. Many managers undergo intense trainings at PPR Hamburg. They learn how to handle journalists and other public figures in the most effective way – with kindness, confidence and a consistent truthful message. We will even coach you in your office or on location in difficult situations.

Monitoring & Research

Doing research is not a simple task, but solid research helps managers make better decisions. Based on the ideas of quality journalism – finding sources and scanning them thoroughly – the monitoring service of PPR Hamburg provides useful information constantly. Sources include all serious online media platforms, online presences of official offices and politicians, branch media, and archives, international sources, modern forms of online sharing etc. Social and business networks are also included.

Corporate Publishing

Employer magazines and customer magazines demand particular answers to complex challenges. Corporate publishing is a good method for everyone who wants to inform their clients and employees. We are experts in print magazines, texts, pictures, and impressive designs. PPR Hamburg’s team of editors, graphic designers, printers, and photographers will design your content for print or digital formats so that employees and clients are impacted. Additionally, e-mail newsletters and digital media productions are established services of PPR Hamburg.

Pilsczek BewegtBild (moving images)

Moving images, new product releases, image films, training films, cinematic highlights for anniversaries – there are a lot of occasions for films. For enterprises and middle-sized companies it has become crucial to work with moving pictures. Our directors, editors, and technicians are modern and fast, highly professional and creative. Please visit to get a better idea of our movies. Our BewegtBild coordinator, Philipp Bardelmann, is looking forward to working with you.

Public Affairs

One of PPR Hamburg’s specialties is to organize the exchange between economy and politics. We bring our clients, who want to be at the center of current events and developments in the county, in Berlin, and Brussels, into politics. Whether it be an appointment at the German Bundestag (Federal Parliament) or dinner talks with politicians or stakeholders, within the branch or an organization, PPR Hamburg always focuses on using shared values to unite economics and politics in order to achieve your goals.

Campaigns & Conversation

PPR Hamburg discusses possible topics of interest with our clients. These topics function as the basis for interesting conversations between you and your audience. Media campaigns and co-operations with opinion makers are examples of how to influence others in an interesting and truthful way. If you want to get people talking about your topic, you should trust our creative PR and communication competencies, from social media strategies to billboard series. Our products reach out to stakeholders and clients in the region and throughout Germany, and even abroad.

Marketing & Advertising

We also manage advertising campaigns and reliable media plans. Advertisement, as opposed to PR, aims at the direct sales of products. The core of our marketing and advertising services is to reach our clients' clients. High levels of brand quality are key to winning customers. We assess and communicate brand quality by using market analysis, CI processes, competition analysis, SWOT analysis, and a general customer orientation. We focus on your individual needs to achieve the best results possible within your budget.

International PR

International PR has been an important topic in German companies for quite a while now. The markets, also for the German Mittelstand, have been transnational for a long time. A communication that steadily grows across borders needs competent communication management that thinks globally and acts locally. We at PPR Hamburg support managers in designing and realizing a methodical and country-specific communication abroad. That way we create synergies across national borders. To do so, we have our own PR network in all western countries.


Unique pictures are essential for first-class PR and media relations. In cooperation with excellent photographers who know their subject well, PPR Hamburg offers the suitable visualization for all media necessary, meaning, social media, corporate publishing products or the company website for example. Thus, we attend events, realize theme photography and skillfully take pictures of the team. We gained our expertise as a picture agency from magazine journalism. PPR Hamburg combines photography with being creative and modern. Either way, for our clients we are always in the picture.

Graphic Design & Layout

PPR Hamburg has formed a diversified network of graphic designers, layout artists and web designers. Designing a website is as much our specialty as is the development of corporate designs, logos and printed objects. When developing 3D visualizations and animations, our team members meet all technical and aesthetical requirements at the highest level. We offer ingenuity, a strategic concept and the realization of visions, leading to sustainable results. We truly appreciate beauty.

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