Management, consultation and PR work bench for our clients

We are privileged to work with our clients, including managers from German and international large companies, the German Mittelstand and individuals. We offer products for lots of company sizes in various branches in the many fields of PR and communication. Our clients' praise inspires us daily to keep improving and innovating, for even better results on the next project. PPR Hamburg has built a wide base of loyal clients. Please give us a call to find out what we have done, and what we can do.

We have gathered an extract of our work and clients. Here you can see what we have already accomplished.

Abraham Schinken

In order to optimize search engine results PPR Hamburg managed an online PR strategy. Without the high costs of online advertisement, we produced a series of relevant online articles. We included strategically placed keywords, without detracting from the content and character of the articles. Publishing these articles in PR and media platforms provided the best results. Clients and stakeholders learned about Abraham Schinken in a new, efficient and cost effective way.


We created the text and contents of a marketing tool. With the help of numerous data, PPR Hamburg managed the production of expert articles, which were published regularly. We produced the monthly articles exactly in accordance with our client's requirements. The series was published in a renowned economics magazine. We were able to present complex processes in the job market without losing depth, for interesting, informative content.

akf siemers

PPR Hamburg is a full-service agency for akf siemers, a middle-sized logistics and packaging company. We have already managed various communication products for them. We have introduced them to important decision makers, and we have effectively informed stakeholders, employees, and clients through specialized media outlets. The company has enjoyed successful growth due to our texts about their innovations and developments in international business networks and on their website. Online and offline PR and corporate publishing, among other products, have also played a role in their strategy. During their growth, we have been active as a communication company, an advertising agency, and even an event agency.

Aurora Mühlen

During a process of change, PPR Hamburg was in charge of the strategic internal communication. Not only did we answer direct questions, but we also offered reliable and trustworthy consultation regarding the medium-term focus of the change process. Furthermore, we played an important role in influencing stakeholders and decision makers. Our products included the conception of an online PR strategy for working with business networks, classic media relations and advertising in a federal German state.


During a very pivotal phase, PPR Hamburg offered both consultations and managed classic regional media relations. Our task was to communicate the benefits of retirement homes in a large city. We played an important role in the classic media relations and offered strategic consultation. Together with a cooperation partner, we managed a communications strategy that included public relations, marketing, and advertising.


During the market launch in western Europe, PPR Hamburg had the privilege of managing Halla’s complex communication challenges, both nationally and internationally. We massively reinforced the business segment for retail with classic PR and media projects. Innovative event arrangements and the production of an image film were among our tasks. In addition, we successfully managed Halla’s participation in trade fairs. As a German PR agency, we were able to successfully introduce our Asian client into the European market. 

Hansa Meyer

PPR Hamburg fulfilled the special task of establishing a profile in an international business network online. We accompanied a new manager during this international business and project management phase to contribute to the successful completion of this project. Now decision makers from numerous countries can be found and contacted in a professional way. Additionally, it was also our task to offer our know-how and transfer specific knowledge.


PPR Hamburg has carried out diverse tasks throughout the years. We support the internal communications and marketing division in a flexible and highly-effective way. Our main projects involve classic regional PR, media relations and strategic communications. We also coordinate the internal and external corporate publishing, including graphic design/photography. HanseWerk has also implemented our skills in monitoring and research products. We also trained staff members on the effective use of social media.


As an effective and flexible partner of the internal communications department, PPR Hamburg has successfully assisted the Körber-Stiftung throughout Germany. We were able to reach a wide media scope by providing communication on Körber’s competitions. We attracted massive attention for the winners and their pieces. This resulted in a large number of publications and media mentions. Our partnership started in 1998. It is proof of our long-term management and sustainable work.


team AG

PPR Hamburg managed classic and strategic PR and media relations on the regional and Germany-wide level. It was their first time working with a PR agency. Their topic was a shareholder meeting. We had to face different challenges, but we were able to find adequate media coverage effectively and kept the journalists informed. In this way, we as external PR consultants supported the internal communications division.


Member of the TOYOTA Group


AWS Personalmarketing

AWS Personalmarketing is one of the leading personnel marketing agencies in Germany. With target-oriented advertising concepts, the agency addresses the employees of tomorrow for its renowned clients. Their holistic consulting for the development of the individual employer brand is greatly appreciated.

As a partner of AWS Personalmarketing, we advise our common clients in order to implement an integrated service package for employer branding or reputation management. Among other things, we run social and business media channels, create corporate publishing products and provide support in conceptual text creation.

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