From Quality Journalist to Owner of a Communications Company

PPR Hamburg has been built by an independent PR consultant. The former journalist, Rafael Robert Pilsczek, grew up at the Lower Rhine in the northwestern part of Germany. He has lived in Hamburg for more than two decades and has always tried to bring people together. That is why the founder and owner of PPR Hamburg started the renowned PR and communications agency. First location: a garage. Thanks to the team, the company has been able to grow to its present size. The team has always played the most significant role in the success story. And so, the middle-sized company located in southern Hamburg has been more than only Pilsczek Public Relations for a while now. It has become an office culture of highly-professional and value-oriented PR consultants. In Rafael R. Pilsczek, the team always has an innovative companion, who acts with purpose.


Rafael R. Pilsczek learned from chief editors and star reporters of the German magazine “stern”, the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit”, and other top personalities of German journalism. That is why he has been acknowledged in various journalistic fields at a young age. The high-quality speech and writing culture of German journalism has also been implemented in the products of PPR Hamburg. Rafael R. Pilsczek reported on Eastern Germany after the collapse of the wall and on news pieces in Moscow, Turkey and England. One of his specialties was writing about special people in spectacular portraits. As a university instructor he has taught more than 400 students and offered his advise as mentor to former students.

Public Relations / Communications

What is public relations other than bringing people and their values closer together? In the first years, the owner of PPR Hamburg gathered the required know-how. He found clients who trusted him and developed top PR products to achieve their goals. He also became an active member of the Deutsche Public Relations Gesellschaft e.V.  or DPRG (German Public Relations Association), of which he is still a member today. From DPRG he learned from his experienced and renowned colleagues. Among other activities, he attended and hosted dinner evenings for PR entrepreneurs and learned how they contribute to their clients' success with modern PR products.


Rafael Robert Pilsczek was not destined to build the PR agency and communications company PPR Hamburg until 2003, but as a child he was inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of his grandfather, who owned a metalworking shop. He was influenced strongly by the fair economical negotiating of his grandfather and showed his own business abilities soon after. When he was still a child, he sold plums to the neighbors. Besides finishing his university studies and attending numerous advanced trainings, becoming a successful entrepreneur while supporting other entrepreneurs was the best education a founder could ever imagine.

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