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Why you should get to know PPR Hamburg

At PPR, we understand that your PR strategy needs to impact your bottom line. Through our work, decision makers and your customers will gain greater insight into your business’s strengths and qualifications, allowing you to accomplish your business’s goals. PPR Hamburg presents your message with a focus on facts and information for authentic, trustworthy content. We offer communication training for management, smart communication, and modern PR tools in Germany and throughout the world.


Working successfully with PPR Hamburg

Our clients’ success is our motivation. Reliability is our virtue. Communication in all its effective forms for today’s needs – that is our promise. We are a PR agency that belongs to Germany’s medium-sized companies and are located in Southern Hamburg. As modern PR consultants, we are the right contact for managers in all questions regarding everyday communication.

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Our team

Our team of dedicated, creative problem solvers will make an impact on your communication. All of our employees have academic backgrounds and have successfully completed our in-house training program. Our team has specialists in film and other moving images, international PR, public affairs, and social media. Our experience and our broad skill-set enable us to create individual communication strategies. After taking the time to fully understand your needs, we tailor the messages, forms and formats to have the greatest impact on your audience in order to accomplish your goals.

Our references

Although we are available on a project basis, the majority of our clients have chosen to work with us for many years. Our client base is both German and international. It includes large enterprises, individuals and the German Mittelstand. We see every project as a beginning. The chance to prove our value to your company. We do not merely see our services as the fulfillment of an agreement, but we offer support to managers as loyal partners. This applies to all matters regarding communication. We take pride in our clients’ successes.

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